Hooray for Anderson Cooper! Finally somebody who’s not ashamed of their designer closet!

Anderson Cooper visited Wolfson Children's Hos...
Anderson Cooper visited Wolfson Children’s Hospital. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



Is it really such a big deal to tell everybody that you ARE gay when they already suspect that of you?  You don’t take any special precautions of watching who you’re seen with or the places you frequent.  Then, you even stand up to bullies on points or subjects that others question your sincerity to.  Yet, the speculation is there. 


For so long, I have heard many White, Anglo-Saxon patrons say, “Oh God.  If my parents knew, it would kill them” or “I’m Catholic.  My family would never accept that gay stuff.”  Just who’s being two-faced here?  Does the family accept a gay person in someone else’s family or would they be happy with you living as they want you to live:  A LIE?  Why is it such a horrible thing to be in love or even infatuated with someone of the same-sex?  Love is supposed to be love, right?  Wrong!  As people tend to quote the Bible, namely the Old Testament, homosexuality is a sin (the only reference is Sodom and Gomorrah). ..probably not the worst sin, but a sin no less.  But why doesn’t the act of homosexuality appear on the Ten Commandment tablets?  In looking further into the passage of Leviticus in the Old Testament, what Sodom and Gomorrah exposed was “shady” or “clandestine” acts and not those of “Love.”  Isn’t Love supposed to be the Law or Law of Christianity?  In other words, a loving, committed relationship should negate one of lies, solicitation, and deceit.   After reading Thessalonians 4:4 RSV, in the New Testament, the line “take a wife for himself in holiness and honor” appears as if everyone is thought to be heterosexual – and the only real way to curb unnatural act tendencies.  No man is to have unnatural acts with another or man nor shall a woman be with another woman.  Excuse me if I am wrong but this appears to be referring to prostitution.  This is about pure lust.  Does homosexuality really an abomination by God or was the passage or passages in the Bible rewritten in the words of Man – Mankind.


If I have gone off on a tangent about the God complex, it was only because so many people use God as their excuse to not be happy.  God invites Love.  God welcomes Love.  The act unwelcomed by God is the lust – the weak flesh that is uncommitted, whether in holiness, to another flesh.


Maybe that explains why there are so many scandals of infidelity in the church.  If a preacher is already married, then chooses to sow his seed with someone – anyone other than his wife, can he or she claim to have committed the act in the name of Love or even God?  Isn’t this the same as taking the Lord’s name in vain?   Then, there are those who “bear false witness” against another to save themselves.  Suffice is to say that I’m better than you, if I beat you to the punch.  Don’t you just love the Paparazzi?


I am sure there are many celebrities who are afraid to take a stand and be who they really are.  To many, it is such a cop-out to say that it’s no one else’s business whether they are or they aren’t.  But that’s a lie too.  Not that they are trying to act as role models, they are in the public eye.  If it’s all about image, they must have a real problem looking at themselves on the big screen or the desktop picture tube.  Using drink or pills or any other means to self-destruct make them think they are doing a good job keeping inquiring minds at bay.  Always looking over your shoulder could give you a cramp in your neck.  Why not live in peace?  If every non-heterosexual celebrity like Anderson Cooper decided to be real for personal reasons and not for those under stress, the World could be a better place.  Whether he is in a relationship with another man or not, it doesn’t matter.  He doesn’t have to live in a lie.  I wonder how many celebrities joined the cause “It Gets Better.”  It only gets better if you help make a difference.  Not every gay man has to dress like Tom Ford and not every woman has to have the brazen humor of Lisa Lampanelli.  But you could create your own style and dialect and broaden your cult status.

If the world loved you before, they’ll love you even more if you just step out.

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