Sealed with a Rose

close up of a blue rose

മലയാളം: Red rose
മലയാളം: Red rose (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Close up yellow rose
Close up yellow rose (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



Whether friend of foe

No one has to know

However the love flows

It can be told with a rose



Do you really know the meaning of the colored roses you give either to a friend or a romantic mate?  There are quite a few, but if we just take a look at just a few of them we can try to dispel many myths that tend to get us into trouble with more or less than we bargained for.


There are three main colors of roses we give.  And, the best gesture of giving a rose is by having them delivered to our intended subject by someone else.  Red, White, and Yellow.  Can you imagine what a bouquet it would make if there was a Blue rose?  A Blue rose would definitely capture someone’s attention and increase the affection aspect.  A Blue rose, more than likely, stands the chance of conveying the message:  “Please, come see about me.”  Thank goodness there are so few Blue roses.  Blue roses are quite rare may signify physical or mental weakness.  The Lavender rose – so close to the color Purple until its recipient has no other choice but to feel “Royal” or “Privileged” like Cinderella was after the Prince slipped the glass slipper on her foot.


We usually see Hollywood movies where the male sends the female a dozen roses.  A dozen RED roses, I must say.  Why always a dozen RED roses?  Since the color RED signifies lust anyway, wouldn’t a single RED rose suffice?  It should.  For the recipient to accept the dozen roses and place them on display for everyone else to see, he or she sends the message that “I accepted the sinfully delicious thoughts of someone else.”  RED does not signify love.  It is all about giving in to one’s animal nature.  A single rose, especially clasped between one’s teeth, clearly states:  “I want to do it now!”  Can you see a woman trying to do this with a man?  Most likely, the male would rather have the woman stark naked, ready, willing, and able.  So, maybe women could start educating their future beaus about the color of roses and their meaning.


Another colored rose that we don’t see too much of is the WHITE rose.   The WHITE rose is so under-utilized, in my opinion, mainly because people don’t know its true meaning.  To be the recipient or even the bearer of the WHITE rose is to say to someone who your intentions are pure and that there is only peace is your heart.  Not unlike the White Flag, the WHITE rose shows innocence…as if to even say, “I am willing to be yours.”


Probably the most beautiful rose with the best meaning is the YELLOW rose.  As one is falling in love, or expressing true love, gladness or joy, the YELLOW rose is perfect.  Where some people would think the RED rose should be given to say, “Congratulations,” the YELLOW rose deems more appropriate for that type of event.  More importantly, let’s say that the YELLOW rose means “Return to Love.”  Now there is a YELLOW rose with just a hint of RED in the tip of it.  Love and Lust together could be confusing – if not impossible.  To look at the rose up close, you would think that the creator of the flower was trying to be sneaky, giving off a double meaning.


PINK is such a sweet color – a mixture of white and red, but only meaning sweetness and gentleness.


One doesn’t have to look at the BLACK rose as being that only of the physical death.  However, giving or receiving means that there is an end, a farewell, or completion is nearing.


To receive a rose makes one feel very special.  If it’s not because roses are considered to be the most expensive of all flowers – though there are times or seasons when roses are not as expensive, they are a symbol of sensuality.  A rose given at the beginning or end of an act should be indicative of its color.  Given the wrong color of a rose could be disastrous for the giver.

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