Why does a non-famous parent want their 15 minutes of Fame?


Hollywood sign from the air
Hollywood sign from the air (Photo credit: Scorpions and Centaurs)

Let’s suppose a celebrity like Brad Pitt had a mother who wrote an anti-gay letter.  I don’t know who she wrote it to and will only speculate about why she wrote it…for attention.  With Mr. Pitt constantly coming under fire, mainly for his humanitarian efforts, but for his somewhat Bohemian lifestyle he has set with common law spouse, Angelina Jolie (who is always on the forefront of humanitarian ambassadorship), the man no less still commands attention after years of being deemed a heart-throb in Hollywood.  Excuse me for neglecting the fact that Miss Jolie has seen her father, Jon Voight, try and capitalize on her fame as well.  However, Mr. Voight nailed his fame long before Angelina started to rise.  Then again, it’s all about staying relevant, right?


But when are we going to stop with the attacks on gays all over the World?  What have they ever done to anybody except try to help them dress better, eat better, speak better, decorate better, or maybe even be better parents?  I really can’t see how even the meekest woman could not campaign for equal rights of gay men and women.  Is it fear that makes a woman not want to take a stand for her niece, nephew, neighbor’s son or daughter that protected them a potential street attack because her husband’s stature was like that of an Archie Bunker or….  You get my meaning.  I guess Hollywood is everywhere.  So what if the woman isn’t or never was a Hollywood Stage Mom?  If you have a child, your behavior is reflective of your child.  And please don’t throw religion into the mix.  It has nothing to do with nothing.  With so many children committing heinous acts on themselves because their parents’ religious beliefs prevent them from being themselves, why can’t at least the nurturing mother take heed to something being out of sync with that culture?  The loving son grows up to be well-respected, marries a beautiful woman, meets another beautiful woman (who probably is so unlike his mother he finds her even more attractive), divorces his wife for the new woman, has a slew of children, remains socially viable while taunted with speculation about why he really let go of such a vision only to shun any and all criticism of himself and the mother of his children and soon-to-be future wife – to then be upstaged by his mother speaking out against something that is at least dear to his future spouse.  Why now?  Why seek attention now?  I thought that the “Coming-Out” ceremony had peaked with Neil Patrick Harris only to wonder why TV Personality Anderson Cooper had to make his mark.  Lo, to make matters even more interesting, even Blacks are seeing the light with a noted artist like Frank Ocean holding the reins on his sexuality.  While many say, “It’s not like we didn’t already know…,” the artists themselves seem to be “freer” by not having to carefully walk or tip-toe around certain subjects for the fear of being exposed by someone.  For the celebrities who have already achieved such fame, fortune, and success, the World continues to embrace them because of their talent, no bravado, but their talent.


So why would the mother of a celebrity want to speak out against someone else’s way-of-life?  Maybe she’s about to run for office.  In running for office, battling or dismantling DOMA – Defense of Marriage Act (anything related to President Obama trying to make the World a better place) is a hot topic that so many are more than willing to sit for hours and listen to gibberish about how gays and anything and anyone not natural could influence our own lives and children.  It’s almost as if when we age, we hear that villanelle by Dylan Thomas read to us over and over, “Do not go gentle into that good night”  While there are those who do need to be told to fight against poverty and persecution, there are those who just need to do something because they are bored with their lives.  It’s not enough to have produced productive offspring.  You need to make your own mark…even if it is at the expense of someone you consider weak.  Dying is dying.  A mental death only leads to a more painful physical death.  Go out fighting knowing that the boos you hear still have a few cheers mixed in.  But, if you change your environment, you can hear cheers all day and all night long.  Then, the World might question the actions of your offspring who might love you more than words can say.



What mother

stands beside a son

Is like no other

who will turn and run




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