The effect of ‘Frank Ocean’

English: RuPaul (left) seen out of drag
English: RuPaul (left) seen out of drag (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It behooves me when someone gets special treatment when they weren’t really entitled to it.  With ‘Gay’ being the in-and-out thing these days, so many prominent figures are stepping up and coming out in an effort to not only draw support for themselves, but to enlist others for their suffragette movement.  With bullying first taking precedence over the lives of young girls and boys – young men and women, a campaign was started known as “It Gets Better” to take some of the pressure off of those inflicted with the mental and physical scars of bullying.  After a meek while, that campaign seems to have faded into oblivion.  “People,” not just young men and women are still committing suicide at alarming rates.  There are probably those who will say that the “It Gets Better” campaign helped someone – anyone.  I’d almost beg and plead to differ.  Many celebrities received praise for stepping in front of the camera and parading to lend a helping hand and offering encouragement to those who they thought saw them as inspirational figures.  Well, it only got better for them.  Seriously. 


As celebrities like Anderson Cooper and, the newly hailed Black Prince of Gayness, Frank Ocean, continue to out themselves in Hollywood, they still don’t get it.  Standing behind a strategically placed podium so far away from God’s country does absolutely nothing for the youngsters who look up to them.  Then again, maybe this is just a more snobby way of expressing their narcissism.  Cop-Out?  It may well be.  If these celebrities dare to say that they are coming out to “help a child face his fear,” tell them to go to that child’s school during a general assembly meeting and come out then.  With so many ghosts of hatred and bullying originating in school, go back there and tackle those demons.  For all you know, you might get the chance to see some of those faces that made you miserable when you were a kid.


With the Black Church constantly advocating near torture for the gay Black male, has Frank Ocean set the tone to remove the door to the ‘down low?’  Being that there are so many ruthless, strong, super-masculine Black males who feel that it is the ‘down low’ male who spreads HIV to the Black community, they forget just why the ‘down low’ male started to grow.  Because of the taboos placed on the Black community from their church, and ultimately trickling into their homes, many Black men felt they had to creep, putting their true feelings on the back burner.  This has nothing to do with love – but everything to do with appearances.  There is this constant air and physical image of being a “strong” Black man who rings supreme in the Black community.  Even the most effeminate male could pass for straight just as long as he doesn’t say otherwise.  And that’s part of the problem.  Don’t Tell, Just Gel.  As long as you say, “No,” we can flow.  That can last only for so long.  There are people who do want to know, eventually, and love to try to put people on the spot…mainly the so-called masculine ones, who as we know from a “Glee” episode are the true culprits pretending to be someone they’re not.  Again, it’s Hollywood telling us how things are.  No one will dare write something for the big screen about coming out in the Black community.  I think the closest thing we have of that nature is Tyler Perry playing Madea.  How sad.  Director Lee Daniels has been out for years, yet there is still no superhero of color or gay heart-throb of color.  I can only mention “Noah’s Ark.”  How far-fetched!


“Dig if you will, the picture…” the words of Prince reverberates and resonates, “of you and I engaged in a kiss.”  Is it the sex act that supposedly grosses people out about gay relations?  News Flash – there are a lot of heterosexual members of society who would vomit on themselves if they saw what they looked like on film.  I wonder who fake orgasms more…  Anyway, Obama has not made anyone gay.  He just made it a little more acceptable for people to be recognized by the government.  I’d say, anybody who wakes up one morning, afternoon, or evening and decides they are ready to come out of the closet they should take time out of their lazy Sunday morning, go to church, and preach to the choir about how tired they are of living a lie.  Maybe then the organist will come out, the Elder Deacon will come out, Sister Eva Marie who leads the women’s choir will come out, and the incomparable Reverend Pastor Bishop Deacon Long will come out.  Do it in the House of the Lord, in the name of the Lord, and be free.  And, since you probably have more money than many of the Gods in the church, a sizeable donation would increase the effect of the bitch slap you give the congregation.  I bet you they won’t give it back.  Somebody will give you an “Amen!”


If you’re going to tell the World they now have access to your bedroom and social activities, have a valid reason for doing so.  Don’t just do it because – Just don’t deny it, if they ask!  You can always stand up for the cause and even fight the good fight.  But for whatever reason you do it, make it right.  All Hail Sylvester!  All Hail RuPaul!  Stand and cheer for them All!  I’ve never met Mr. Ocean, but many will and do judge by appearances.  With the stereotype of the gay man being one of flamboyance and femininity, the World needs to see that gay is gay…whether covered with burly muscles and possessing a husky, sultry voice, it’s not all about what one sees because the eye does deceive.


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