You took my breath away

Weddings at The Falcondale
Photo credit: The Falcondale

  Secrets you kept from me

Covered words all I could see

Polished smile

All the while

My mind was in denial


A hurtful touch

Laughed and hid so much

The mirror became my best friend

And showed me the beginning to the end

As the cracks began to mend


Always knew the right things to say

Always knew there’d be a better day

Always tried to dance right through the pain

Even after all the fire and the rain

Always knew how to pray

Like my mom did as she would lay

Gave you my life on a silver tray

But you just took my breath away


How could I bargain for this

All for a ring and a lonely kiss

Oh the life that I do miss

If only I could have one wish


I would know how to take my time

Stop, feel and listen

And not be so blind

Know just what I need

At the risk of my heart to bleed


Even the main people tell lies

And turn away with tears in their eyes

Pain never sees the light of day

When someone takes their breath away

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