This Love Story


Your hand feels so good in mine

So I was wondering

If we could stop wasting time


I don’t know if I could take you to Heaven

But I sure will try

I’ll be there for you like a 7-11

can you promise to never make me cry?


This Love Song

can’t ever be wrong

Just as long

as you keep me in your heart

And on your mind

this Love Song

can go on

for however long

you want it to

Just as long

as everyday for us is a brand new start


Can we go out on a date?

How about you bring me home late?

After holding on to each other on the roller-coaster

So what if

we burn each other’s toast In the toaster


I wouldn’t trade a minute

of the day

without you in it

How else could I play

out our love story on a piano

or guitar

These words could only go so far

without the melody

of you dancing

so carefree

Knowing you could never fall

as long as I’m your wall


Where you go

how can I not follow

Without your lead

my soul would be so hollow


You are the reason

my life can’t be wrong

I’m prepared for every season

cause you are this love song


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