Movie Night at a Grocery Store in Upstate, New York

While visiting friends in Upstate, New York, I had no idea that I would be involved in such a serene and packed environment of adults and children.  The store was Wegman’s and Friday Night was their children’s Movie Night.

What a delight to see so many well-mannered children interested in watching an animated movie, The Ice Age, on a terrific flat screen television in the grocery store’s dining area.  And would you believe they served the adults and children refreshments?  Smoothies were served, the best chocolate chip cookies I have tasted in a really long time, popcorn, and bottled water.  The Area Manager was constantly surveying the sitting section making sure that everyone was comfortable and the sound was satisfactory for everybody.

I just couldn’t believe that this sort of thing went on in a grocery store while others were going about their business shopping and using the store’s free WiFi (another plus for Wegman’s).

Although the store has delegated its time and space to accommodate families on a special night, the manager and his help staff should be commended for the way they kept everything running smoothly at the store.

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