My Pills

Assortment of Ecstasy pills.
Ecstasy pills. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Give me pills

So I can’t feel

But give me pills

So I can feel

I must deal to be real

I can only be real if I deal

Give me pills


Give me pills

To keep me from making

Several Wills

The wording of each line

Is what kills

How else can I feel

If I cannot deal

I know I won’t be real

Who will know the deal?


Give me pills

That will enhance my thrills

The run of the mills

Keep my patrons in shrills

They envision me with naked skills

And I deliver them their bills

All because of my pills


Give me my pills

To cure my ills

My schedule is set

Though my due date is not yet met

Red, blue, yellow bet

Standing tall I haven’t done yet

Tie a rope around the pole

To strengthen the grip inside the hole

May my pills save my soul

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