To save the “American Idol” legacy





American Idol” needs a Fresh new start



What began as an opportunity to discover true musical talent and ultimately making stars out of them, the show “American Idol” has become somewhat of a fiasco where the already celebs hog the attention all for themselves.


“American Idol” was created and developed as a reality TV series:  The Search for a Superstar by Simon Fuller.  In 2002, Simon Cowell (music executive and manager), Randy Jackson (record producer and music manager), and Paula Abdul (choreographer and pop singer) started and catapulted “American Idol” into a ratings giant for FOX for its first eight seasons.  But the show began to lose its luster after season eight when Paula Abdul was absent.  Some may even have speculated that the show’s failure was inevitable with the appearance of singer-songwriter, Kara DioGuardi and talk show host Ellen DeGeneres tried to impose their appeal on the American audience.  But it was Simon Cowell who left Randy Jackson holding the bag alone at the start of season 10 to start his own show, “X-Factor,” another singing competition show with a heftier purse of $5 million to the winner.  Sadly, season 10 brought more glitz and glam than real talent…as the winners of the waning show have quickly become figments of the imagination.  Enter Jennifer Lopez, with glitz and glam minus the fortitude and substance to really judge even the fashion sense of the show’s competitors – Miss Lopez, or Mrs. Marc Antony Lopez before her widely publicized divorce, wore attention-worthy outfits (whether tasteful or not) that garnered more attention for herself than the protégées she should have tried to mentor.  Steven Tyler, lead-singer for the rock group Aerosmith, found himself embroiled in situations with language bleeps and outright sexual innuendoes expressed on and toward the show’s female contestants.  Yes, as Miss Lopez and Mr. Tyler brought their A-game of commanding the stage like attention whores, it was Miss Lopez, by far, who made the greatest demand:  a $12 million paycheck.  Though today, with Britney Spears receiving $15 million for her judging talent on Simon Cowell’s “X-Factor,” J-Lo, also known as Miss Lopez, tried to prove she was the more popular of the two judges.  Apparently, not even America thought so.  Even with a great PR team who can get her numerous magazine covers…for whatever reason…the “I don’t know if I’m coming back” bit just didn’t get it.  At least Steven Tyler used the excuse that he was neglecting his first love (his group Aerosmith) and felt that he needed to get back to his roots.  J-Lo’s attempts to remain socially viable by dating down and young, and wearing  an old “what Britney Spears would wear” outfit on stage couldn’t save her for another year in the public’s eye.  Telemundo, the latin-based television network Miss Lopez invested in, would probably welcome another “American Idol”-like show.  I mean, since there are other shows that she has developed that were already in progress by somebody else.  Much respect goes out to Steven Tyler.  Dude did not go out like a lady!


Should Simon Cowell be laughing his head off right now?  Probably.  Everyone knew that when he left “American Idol” the show would only play host to cast of greedy characters.  No one seems to care about the salary Randy Jackson is receiving.   Though Paula Abdul can say she’ll be “Forever Your Girl,” Randy Jackson will forever be everyone’s “Dawg.”


If “American Idol” is to continue occupying space on the FOX Network, maybe an entirely new cast of characters is needed.  That means, Randy has to go too.  So, let’s see…who would be good for ratings and true mentoring for “Idol?”  Oh, I forgot, Ryan can stay.



Frank Ocean:  the singer who recently came-out-of-the-closet-to-takeover-the-spotlight-from-the-

talentless.  The 24-year-old served as a ghostwriter for Brandy, Justin Bieber, and

John Legend.  Born Christopher “Lonny” Breaux, he became Christopher Francis Ocean

as his name was inspired by the 1960 film “Oceans 11.”  And he’s from New Orleans, LA


Ricky Martin:  the Puerto Rican born Latin heart-throb, started at a very young age of 12 in the Spanish

group  Menudo, also openly gay and constantly wooing the World and Broadway – while

still Living La Vida Loca.  Now 40 years old, Ricky has sold more than 60 million albums



Chely Wright:  the very beautiful gay rights activist – who came out as gay in 2010.

Named Top New Female Vocalist in 1995 by the Academy of Country Music (ACM).

With seven studio albums under her belt, the 41-year-old singer-songwriter would be a

strong contender for the coveted opening.  Known for her number one hit,

“Single White Female.”


Keri Hilson:       Again, camera-perfect, 39-year-old singer songwriter and actress from Decatur, Georgia.

Keri has written songs for Britney Spears, Mary J. Blige, and notable hits for Beyoncé

has also performed with Ne-Yo and Kanye West.  Keri started out as a background singer

for many R&B and Hip-Hop artists.  Replaced Jennifer Hudson as the Avon Girl.



These are my four top candidates for the “American Idol” positions.  Being camera-ready and professionals at the top of their game, they would be the Fresh Faces needed to revive an all-too-stale Reality TV mishap.  The reason these artists will work for the show is that they are all diverse.  Because they are able to write music for other artists, their mentorship comes easy.  And besides, who could find any hidden agendas with this group of starts?  Even Simon Cowell would agree, everyone mentioned is quite qualified to revive the “Idol” legacy.  All egos aside…



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