Overqualified for a Lesser Job at even Time Warner Cable

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There is no question that this economy has many of us suffering.  With the outsourcing of American jobs starting as far back as 1999, it’s hard to imagine anybody collecting a pension from any employer anytime soon.  In fact, there are reports that are making suggestions that Americans may have to push back their retirement to anywhere between 67 and 70 years of age.  Indicative of the Alanis Morissette song, “Ironic,” ‘And well, life has a funny way of sneaking up on you And life has a funny, funny way of helpin’ you out…’ Just how is that when even a new college graduate can’t find a job in an environment that tells the youth of today how valuable an education is?  Because of outsourcing, even our returning veterans are faced with a bleak job market.  But, in an effort to reward them for their exemplary service, concessions are trying to be made for them.  Still, where are all the jobs going to come from when our government won’t lower the tax implications on the companies who sought refuge elsewhere than the United States?

With displaced workers being told to go back to school and get more training, training for what?  As the job vacancies continue to dwindle, the competition isn’t competition at all.  It’s back to the old “It’s not what you know, but who you know.”  Not saying that the old adage never went out.  So, if that is the case, who’s really qualified for the positions that are being advertised?  Quite often, many companies have to advertise job vacancies either publicly or in-house leaving many to believe they even have the slightest chance at the position.  Little does the applicant know the position may have been filled days ago.  Yet, wait they do until receiving a notification letter explaining why they didn’t get the job.

A close friend of mine shared with me and a few others how he went through the application process for a Customer Service position with Time Warner Cable.  Impeccable credentials:  Above-average college graduate with more than ten years in the desired field would make him a most viable candidate for any position with Time Warner Cable.  The fact that he even performed well enough on a call simulation test and a talent acquisitionist for Time Warner emailing advising that his résumé showed skills they were seeking in a candidate led to a phone interview.  It’s the understanding that a phone interview weeds out the lesser-groomed from the socially correct.  Feeling that he had established a great rapport with the talent acquisitionist or phone interviewer, the friend eagerly awaited another call or interview telling him when he would have his face-to-face interview.  But, a few days later, there was a slip up.  The talent acquisitionist actually sent my friend an email saying that they had changed the phone prescreening to a written screening where the applicant was to fill in the answers to the questions he was asked on his phone screening.  He immediately emailed the talent acquisitionist stating that he had already completed the phone prescreening and wondered if he needed to complete the new request.  Almost immediately, there was a reply to do nothing – that he should have been taken off that list.  Low and behold, two days later, he received the following email:

“Thank you for your interest in Time Warner Cable and our opening Customer Care Agent. While we are impressed with your qualifications, we won’t be moving you forward in the selection process. Currently, there are other applicants whose qualifications more closely align with our needs for this position.

We encourage you to visit our careers website and continue exploring opportunities that align with your background. We appreciate the time you have invested with us and truly hope that you continue to consider Time Warner Cable in your career search.

Time Warner Cable Talent Acquisition & Movement  ”

Just knowing how talented and qualified my friend is for the position he applied for makes me really feel for him and the many others who are told they are “overqualified” for a position that, in any other time, they would consider beneath them.  After hearing stories of people being out of work for over a year and even two years, I have even seen an episode of 60 Minutes showing a group of people with PhDs, etc. who basically didn’t know where their next meal was going to come from.  At the time, I had no idea someone so close to me would be in a similar boat.  Let’s take a step back for a minute.  With all those years of experience and national accolades for his stellar Customer Service, we wondered just what type of people or person Time Warner Cable was looking for.  It’s safe to say that finding truly exemplary Customer Service these days is very rare.  Most often, the agent feels that your needs are beneath them and that they should and could be doing better.  This seems to almost be a consensus.  Very seldom do you remember receiving great customer service, but you are very quick to punish poor customer service.  When was the last time you asked to speak to a manager to commend an agent for doing a good job?  How many times have you threatened to leave or stop doing business with a company because their customer service sucked?  Doesn’t it make you wonder what traits the one who got the job over you had that you lacked?  Maybe, they knew somebody in the company.  Isn’t life funny!






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