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English: Motivational speaker Tony Robbins at a Twitter conference in 2009. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




My Three and a Half Days with Tony Robbins




I felt privileged.  For the first time in my life, I was attending a Tony Robbins seminar designed to change my life.  The gift was presented to me by my boss at the time who had also endured the life-altering event along with his wonderful wife.  Just the glow on their faces when they asked me if I wanted to go only made me more curious as to the seminar’s powers to make one better.  In lieu of their success story, the icing on the cake was the $4200 (including airfare) they doled out for my benefit.




I arrived at a plush resort in Orlando, Florida that rivaled the best and largest of English castles.  This place had every amenity known to man.  Given that I possessed the company’s credit card, there was no way I was going to overstep my bounds and treat myself to anything other than what I felt entitled to…my presence at the seminar.  The least I could do was to pay for my own breakfast, lunch, and dinner that weren’t at all included in the pricey resort’s charges.  Aside from that, the room only added to the misery.  After a 13-hour day in the seminar, the comfortable pillow-top king sized bed was hardly used.  Yet, for some strange reason, I think the hotel knew exactly what they were doing when Mr. Robbins’ assistant negotiated the booking of the seminar.




Lucky me, my boss cared enough to place me in the highest level of seminar attendants.  Because there were no complimentary items at the resort, Mr. Robbins did see to it that his upper level had a catered lunch on the second and third day of the event.  The food was so filling and tantalizing until there was no way anyone could resist sampling a bit of everything.  Little did I know, everyone was being monitored by what and how much they had to eat.  There was the healthy, the beautiful, the overweight, the underweight, the dazed and confused, the schizophrenic, and even the repeat offenders who had attended the seminar for the third and fourth time.  I couldn’t believe the lengths people had gone to just to attend the seminar.  And though there were many attendees from different parts of the world, I later understood how and why foreclosures were up in the state of Florida.  While dining with the royals, Mr. Robbins’ staff members then offered another package that entailed spending quality time with him at a different retreat for another rate…a another costly rate.




Because I am naturally a talker, I quickly learned that this seminar was one which would cure a person of his or her addictions or afflictions.  It was said in the seminar that because you were there meant that you were concerned about your mental and physical health.  It was faithfully designed to create wealth – to be able to unlock the fear to be a better sales rep or saleswoman.  Prior to arriving to the seminar, everyone, except myself, was fully aware of the long and grueling days inside the seminar itself.  We heard some really interesting personal success stories from people overcoming all sorts of adversity, their fear of succeeding, domestic abuse (and how they just couldn’t say, “No!”), fear of failure, and childhood trauma.  We did loads of calisthenics, meditation activities, group sessions (though with roughly 6,000 people, there were a lot of groups).  Yes, it was hot.  It was stuffy.  No one passed out.  No one left the seminar complaining of any type of ailment.  And to think this went on for three days.  By the second day, I had made a few wonderful contacts.  There were a couple of people from Oslo, Norway that I am even still friends with, after four years, on a social media site.  One would believe that the making of acquaintances and the release of repressed feelings would serve as the most important life changing lessons.  But, the most important lesson to be experienced came at the end of the lengthy brainwashing sessions.  And everybody was completely psyched!  Just the thought of walking over red-hot, burning, steaming coals was enough to awaken the dead senses in anyone.




At the time I attended the seminar, there were people who did not follow the rules completely when it was their turn to walk over the fire pit.  There were coaches present who told you exactly what to do and how to do it.  Of course, there were the few who freaked out for no reason…freezing on the pit or walking over it then deciding they wanted to go back and start over.  And it was pitch black outside too!  All the better to be able to see where you were walking.  Anyway, those people, along with every other firewalker, had his feet hosed down.  If anyone got hurt, it was minimal and accepted their fault for the accident.  Unlike today, Mr. Robbins must be aware of the different time we are in and the class of people looking for a reason to make their dreams come true.  People know what they are getting themselves into before they head off to the seminar.  The sense of accomplishment I achieved was phenomenal.  I walked on fire and felt that I could tackle anything!  Even though I was exhausted by the time I had to walk over the coals (if you didn’t walk over the coals, it defeated the entire purpose of your attending the seminar), I was determined to prove to myself that I could do it.  Besides, I knew my bosses wanted to see the memento I received for completing the walk…as proof.




I don’t know what those who are claiming to be hurt are seeking by vocalizing their pain.  I am pretty sure I signed a disclaimer before I attempted any activity.  If finances were abundantly plentiful for me, I would travel the world to attend any Tony Robbins seminar.  Whenever I needed a jolt or a boost to awaken or stimulate my endorphins, this is the seminar to attend.  You sweat, you smile, you cry, you laugh, you meet, you greet…you become a NEW YOU!  I felt invincible.  I am invincible.  I walked on fire and I survived.  Sure, I still have times when I feel that things are getting rough and tough for me.  All I have to remember is that I endured a three-day 13 hour boot camp and ended with a wonderful walk over the fiery pit of Hell.


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