The Need for Psychological Tests Upon Entrance into School


Nursing Magnet Application Send-Off
Nursing Magnet Application Send-Off (Photo credit: Christiana Care)


Nurses are People…I mean, some may be criminals too!




Nurses:  People who, medically, hold the fate of someone else in his or her hands.  These are people who have gone to school, either by trade for LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse) or to a four-year college to become an RN (Registered Nurse).  These are people who have earned the right to say they have healing powers among men.  Of course, an RN trumps an LPN.  And, it has been said that the world is tiring itself of Licensed Practical Nurses and seeking more RNs who are more management than hands on.  The Registered Nurse delegates the responsibilities to the Licensed Practical Nurse and has more hands-on towards the paperwork aspect of the profession.  Like a CAN (Certified Nursing Assistant) does the grunt work for the LPN, so is the LPN to the RN.




Upon entering the profession, there is the interview.  But not the type of interview you are thinking about.  Usually, the interview is that of answering questions regarding the completion of Financial Aid forms and verifying a personal reference or contact …just in case you default on your student loan.  Sitting behind a desk is a person comparable to a high school guidance counselor.  This is a person who could not stand the sight of blood and even finds it repugnant to step inside a hospital and change bandage.  He or she may even have a license to perform any and all duties like that of an LPN, RN, CNA, or even an NP (Nurse Practitioner) but has sworn solemnly to administrative duties.  Anyway, this high school guidance counselor type person could care less about whether or not the individual sitting in front of them can stand to be around sick people all day (usually 8 to 10 hours per day).  Even if they were to check their entrance profile sheets they are to fill out before entrance, those forms are overlooked.  As long as the Financial Aid forms are completed, they have no further concern.




But just as there are administrative types in a Nursing School, shouldn’t there be a psychologist or psychiatrist available to interview these candidates?  If you think about it, because ever website is alerting everyone that the job of the future is one in the Nursing industry, everyone is trying to get into Nursing School.  And, as long as they pass the required tests, they are a shoo-in for acceptance.  Is it really that easy?  Yes, it is!  If you consider the length of time a candidate has waited for the opportunity to come available or even how they have expressed to friends and family how they will “always have a job” when they graduate, rarely do you hear how much they “love” the Nursing profession.  As the Nursing profession requires true diligence, a sincere love for the job and people who need them to get well, very seldom does that happen.  Very often, even the Nurses follow the chain of command.  As stated earlier, the low man or woman on the totem pole is the CNA.  The CNAs wish they were the LPNs and the LPNs wish they had gone to school a little longer and became RNs.  This pretty much proves the old saying:  “So many Chiefs and not enough Indians.”  Everybody wants to manage but no one wants to do the actual work of getting their hands dirty (that is, getting to know the patient). 




If only the Nursing School counselor or administrator could see this, there would be a full and consistent interview, like a job interview, into Nursing School.  Even if they were granted financial aid or grants into the school, there should be a true desire to be the next Florence Nightingale or Socrates.  Where the Nursing industry falls short is area of acceptance.  As Nursing is big business, it is proven by the number of test qualified individuals they allow to enter or the ones whose entrance essay would consider them more relevant to save the life of a terminally ill patient.  If we were to look back at James Holmes, the Neuroscience PhD candidate who massacred many in Aurora, Colorado, had there been a psychiatric work-up on this individual at some point-in-time, this catastrophe could have been avoided.  Someone dropped the ball.  And the ball was more-than-likely dropped on greed.




Even with layoffs, it has been stated, reported, that Nursing Homes and Hospitals will need more Nurses as people are living longer and many more are taking ill due to economic situations.  What a price we pay for employing the book smart who has either no common sense or humanistic feelings.  If everyone does everything by the book, all the time, where is the need to get to know anybody?  Why not use robots?  To not care, in the Nursing Profession, should be considered a crime.  Unless a Nurse is paid by a company to perform as an “Angel of Death,” the Nurse should take pride in his or her duties to help heal the sick.  Otherwise, when the patient sees the white of their uniform, it’s as if they are seeing the white light.


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