TTBoy Says:

TTBoy Says:  Why is Chris Chase still working for Yahoo! Sports?


TTBoy Says:  With so much focus on Michael Phelps winning Gold at the 2012 Olympics, why is

everyone surprised that Ryan Lochte won Gold and Phelps placed 4th?


TTBoy Says:  Is Freedom of Speech dying every time someone speaks and gets accused of Hate?


TTBoy Says:  Image is everything.  Just look at Mariah Carey.


TTBoy Says:  Can Katherine Jackson really remember whether or not she was drugged?


TTBoy Says:  Why does Hollywood incorporate a Love Scene in every action movie?


TTBoy Says:  Maybe opportunists Will Farrell and Ben Stiller should wait for the outcome of current

events before they finish movies like “The Watch” and “The Campaign.”


TTBoy Says:  Is Michael Jackson spinning in his grave right now?


TTBoy Says:  Could the surviving Jackson brothers ever sell-out a concert tour without Michael?


TTBoy Says:  Will TLC ever make another album?  Whatever happened to Ohsocrispy?


TTBoy Says:  Why do people want to believe that God hates homosexuals?


TTBoy Says:  Why do people think that Chick-Fil-A is doing God’s work by chasing away Gays?


TTBoy Says:  Didn’t God destroy Sodom and Gomorrah because of its lust and wickedness?


TTBoy Says:  What class was more at fault:  the male or female prostitute in Sodom and Gomorrah or

the solicitor of their services?


TTBoy Says:  Weren’t Adam and Eve actually Brother and Sister?


TTBoy Says:  Is Wealth and Greed and the use of Off-Shore accounts part of the New and Old



TTBoy Says:  Will we ever know George W. Bush’s fears?


TTBoy Says:  Is the Moral Majority a lot like “12 Angry Men” only in the millions?

TTBoy Says:  In today’s market, should a woman be chastised because her daughter got a job as a Porn



TTBoy Says:  With more than one city in California going bankrupt, is it smart for the state to go after

Medical Marijuana shops?


TTBoy Says:  Since Fred Willard went out to an X-rate cinema and got caught with his pants down, is it

safe to say that there was trouble at home at the time?


TTBoy Says:  Does anyone know how the stars line up for people on earth?


TTBoy Says:  Do children pray better than adults?


TTBoy Says:  Did Joe Paterno really die of natural causes?


TTBoy Says:  Is Jerry Sandusky afraid to leave his jail cell?


TTBoy Says:  How comfortable was Queen Latifah playing the lesbian thug in “Set It Off?”


TTBoy Says:  Will CHANGE be dangerous for 2012?


TTBoy Says:  When will Allen West be quiet?


TTBoy Says:  Isn’t it strange enough having a Black Republican…let alone one with a scandal?


TTBoy Says:  Just because he has lots of money, why do people think Mitt Romney is smart?


TTBoy Says:  Why are people obsessed with reading their horoscopes?


TTBoy Says:  Who’s better in bed Michele Bachmann or Mitt Romney?


TTBoy Says:  Where is Wendy Ross of the rock group Quarterflash?


TTBoy Says:  Did Suzanne Vega really know “Luka?”


TTBoy Says:  If you don’t like the Paparazzi, why did you wish to be a celebrity?


TTBoy Says:  Eventually, we all look alike.


TTBoy Says:  So many people still believe Log Cabin Republicans put logs in cabins.


TTBoy Says:  Does Dolly Parton squeal like an alley cat in bed or grunt like a teenage girl?

TTBoy Says:  Is Anna Farris the Lucille Ball of our time?


TTBoy Says:  Who’s better respected a Whore or a Prostitute?


TTBoy Says:  Do you feel sorry for the person who was told, “It’s not You, it’s Me?”


TTBoy Says:  Who’s better in bed Shania Twain or Shakira?


TTBoy Says:  What’s really wrong with Marco Rubio?


TTBoy Says:  Is 40 the proper age to create a Bucket List?


TTBoy Says:  Who’s a better drunk Congressman Dick Reid or Justice Scalia?


TTBoy Says:  Could you stay friends with an adult bully who finally got beat up at a baseball game?


TTBoy Says:  Who has the prettier employees, Marketing or Advertising?


TTBoy Says:  Does Dick Cheney ever have nightmares after shooting his friend?


TTBoy Says:  Why don’t celebrities know how to treat their fans?


TTBoy Says:  Do people still believe that Marilyn Monroe committed suicide?


TTBoy Says:  Will Oprah ever get decent programming on her OWN Network?


TTBoy Says:  Will Jennifer Aniston ever win an Oscar like Angelina Jolie?


TTBoy Says:  Who made Matt Lauer the leader of the “Today” show?


TTBoy Says:  Is there any reason to doubt “No Doubt?”


TTBoy Says:  What’s worse an extremely small penis or an extremely tight vagina?


TTBoy Says:  Why is Pineapple Juice good for anyone who is sexually active?


TTBoy Says:  What if the viewing public was able to cancel shows like CNN and FOX News?


TTBoy Says:  Why don’t people learn that “I’m sorry” isn’t always appropriate when somebody loses



TTBoy Says:  Why have Serena and Venus Williams been overlooked as champions for the Olympics?

TTBoy Says:  Why are the commentators for the 2012 Olympics so un-American for NBC?


TTBoy Says:  Is NBC, CNN, and FOX NEWS working together?


TTBoy Says:  Is “The Dark Knight Rises” movie cursed?


TTBoy Says:  How could anyone equate President Obama to the killer in Aurora, Colorado?


TTBoy Says:  Would you buy a Condoleezza Rice and Bill Maher sex tape?

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