Does a website, like Yahoo!, steal article ideas from other websites?





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Well, if you were to view an article called, “When will the Black ancestors speak to their people about selecting their President,” you would probably think that a Yahoo article written, “Has Obama Hurt Race Relations?,” even sounds familiar.




In the article about the ancestors, the writer writes that in November 2010, President Obama lost Democratic voters who voted him into office.  This was mostly due to how the President did not adequately explain to the people of the United States that even though a CHANGE was necessary, nothing was going to CHANGE overnight except for the fact that the color of his skin was the newest CHANGE to the Oval Office.  As President Obama attempted to make changes in the government, he was met with heavy opposition that the American public either failed to see or let their tunnel vision for a better life jade them into a time-frame.  With foreclosures continuing to increase and the GOP promising to stop unemployment benefits for those originally on the 99-week plan, it seemed that the President was hell-bent on securing universal healthcare.  Was he misled into thinking that everything was fine with the American people?  Probably not.  But he could have hammered home the fact that members of the Democratic Party were jumping ship because of their association with him – thus, making it more and more difficult to get any bills passed in Congress. 




“Has Obama Hurt Race Relations?” – The Yahoo article printed.  In no way has President Obama hurt race relations.  Then again, it all depends on one’s definition of race relations.  Internationally, President Obama is the epitome of grace and elegance.  Still, as an eloquent speaker, President Obama is favorably admired worldwide.  In an effort to more than likely smear the President, during a talk with French President Sarkozy and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, a mic was left open which had the President reply to Sarkozy’s “He a liar” about Netanyahu.  So, like fellow Democrats taking early retirement from Congress – allowing their seats to be taken by new Republicans, the President became vulnerable to lacking support.  Relations have since been made ‘good’ with France and Israel.  However, on a recent trip to Israel, presidential candidate Mitt Romney made it clear that Jerusalem was the capital of Israel.  Everybody and anyone know that the capital of Israel is Tel Aviv.  But, when in Rome, Mitt…




There was a time when people of color could find acting work outside of a Tyler Perry studio.  In scenes once occupied by Black actors and actresses, those roles are now in the hands of Indians.  Even insurance mogul Allstate has ceased airing a commercial where a Black construction worker calls a White construction worker not operating a jack hammer successfully as, “…one dumb dude.”  Blacks used to be a hot commodity in several areas other than sports.  Unemployment is no stranger to the Black race and probably will remain close friends for quite some time…though closer than other races.  Should the President be faulted for this CHANGE?  Not necessarily.  Though the thought was that by electing the first Black or African-American President, things would get better for Blacks.  Again, the word jaded rears its head and reminds us all that Blacks are a minor percentage of other races in the United States


Obama’s brand was CHANGE.  He did actually live up to his brand.  However, the details that comprised the brand fell by the wayside.  Somewhere, there needs to be the word TIME incorporated along with the President’s CHANGE.  I don’t want to speculate how the two should be joined – but as a reminder, in a way, both the President and the people let each other down.  Still a shining star, there are those Black leaders who have their own agenda for advising Blacks to shy away from the President.  Aside from, in lieu of President Obama’s Republican candidate, Mitt Romney, President Obama should no longer have to prove that he has experience as President.  He’s already been in the position for over three years.  He has had personal achievements – as his personal failures have come from the lack of cabinet support.  Mitt Romney, on the other hand, has also had personal achievements with one important one being his feeling to rightfully withhold his tax returns.  Oh, and the other important personal achievement for Mr. Romney is his denial of remaining on the payroll of a company he was dismantling.  Then again, it was Mitt Romney who insulted the country hosting the 2012 Olympics and later became the butt of all jokes himself.




To quote poet, Maya Angelou, “When you know better, you do better.”  Well, I don’t know about that.  It could be as clear as night and day, and people would still rationalize why they did the wrong thing.  Just like with articles written on other websites, writers who write for larger publications might find it easier to borrow ideas from others with no intention of ever returning the favor or even linking their material.  Even by allowing the public to voice their opinions on camera, there is sure to be some type of script or formulated agenda…just another way to claim improvisation.  Nowadays, who’s better at being original?


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