Lip-synching Life


It will dare you

To do it your own way

Many don’t

Many can’t

Many won’t

But they will show

that they can glow


You want to be

To be you want

Echoes and feedback scares

The needle scratches

  The heart tears

Is there a backup plan

 waiting in the grandstand?



 sang by choirs

Inventors of Prada

 created for liars

Hoping nothing comes to a halt

Keep in reach of the vault

 made on the pillar of salt


Must you imitate life

like it’s some strange delightful wife?

Castrate yourself for temporary fun

May a fist pump make you second to none

Soprano sounds do astound

 Though checking the family jewels

could get hung up in lost and found


Pretty pictures

Tiny scriptures

Unable to ad-lib

Holding a spoon and fork

Testing positive for the stork

Enya chants with motion

 minus v-fib


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