Much Ado About Facebook

I keep reading so many stories about how disgruntled people are with Facebook.  Why is that?  Are most people just trying to jump on the “I Hate Facebook” bandwagon because it’s the popular thing to do?  Why now?  After all the media sensation and the dislike of co-Founder Mark Zuckerberg, it seems really obvious why everyone wants to disconnect themselves from the social media champion:  it is a successful telephone line that doesn’t even require immediate attention.  I mean, there is no lease to sign or no mortgage to acquire.   – The intended or desired person of interest doesn’t even have to be present at first for a connection.  Then, if there is a rejection, you move on to the next prospect.

Facebook even spelled out security features to everybody.  As a safety measure, everyone could go into their ‘Settings’ and select who they want to be able to view their profile or page details.  For those who claim to have been harmed by the conglomerate, Facebook should have attempted a survey or interview about their products and services (just to see how user-friendly they themselves are).  Then again, in some ways Facebook users are like IKEA patrons who purchase items and think they can put them together without looking at the instructions.  So many people are guilty of this.  Even I was until I realized the reason so-n-so was able to post on my page was because I didn’t change or correct my settings… user- error.  Then, there are those who just can’t wait to jump on the new technology like ‘Timeline’ and ‘Instagram.’  I hear people complain about how ‘Timeline’ either freezes their page or becomes so distorted at times until they wish they never added it on to their page.  Okay, this may be a legitimate concern that the customer service agents at Facebook (may they be live or “I Sing The Body Electric” types simply because it takes them forever to get back to you regarding your request) can take care of successfully.  Other more proficient Facebook users may develop situations that are unique only to them.  And, to them I say, “Go into your Settings!”

Who and how was the Media alerted that many Facebook accounts are dupes or fakes?  What is the big deal?  There are bank loans that were found to be fake – but then again, those corporations needed bailouts after the fact.  I don’t believe Facebook ever asked or requested a bailout.  Even as some tried to report Facebook was possibly used to solicit seedy activities, MySpace and Craigslist beat them to the punch.  Did they not?  While MySpace and Craigslist may have acted as dating channels for the lonely and challenged-hearted, at least Facebook suggested you view a photo before accepting the friend request.  That’s right.  All it is is a request.  Nothing or no one forces you to accept the friendship of anybody.  Just the same, if you don’t want to be a part of the social connection, don’t join.  And, if you don’t join, don’t complain about how terrible it is.  But, for those who were members, only to get rejected, you’re guilty too.  It’s true, there are those who have a special magnetism to attract people.  Then, there are those who have to work at it a little harder.   Don’t be upset!  Like ‘they’ say, “There is somebody for everybody.”  So what if Facebook isn’t your site, that doesn’t mean there isn’t one out there for your type of personality.  If we think about FOX News and CNN, though I really would rather not sometime, people complain about their programming all the time.  I’m sure that they sneak a peek every now and then because of some special news segment they may have – but then, they change the channel and find something more to their liking.  Doesn’t that sound like the right thing to do?  The best thing to do?

Even though I don’t work for Mr. Zuckerberg, I do believe that all the hype against him and his company is based on how his dollars are generated.  Solidifying an establishment without government interaction is like a slap in the face to anyone who says, “You didn’t build that.”  Didn’t mean for that to be cynical in any way but I am sure investors got their money’s worth and got out for all the wrong reasons.  Mark Zuckerberg’s laxed and narcissistic attitude may be the main reason the Media is so against his company.  Like the President of the United States of America, if they don’t like You, they won’t like anything you try to stand for.  And, while everyone eventually will need universal healthcare, everybody will want a different option to be able to connect with others as a way to maintain health and stability.

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