And Father, my baby heard my voice

Morning’s like I’m getting ready for war

But this one thing I know for sure

I wouldn’t change what I have now

For any other pleasures in the world


Just a mere whisper of your name

Make my heart jump a different beat

I look at her and want to play a game

But there she lay off her sweet feet


Who else will do her hair

As if I have a choice

Thoughts of her love as I sat in the chair

And Father, the baby heard my voice


She felt my heart and mind

Waiting to see her laugh and smile

Even if it was one at a time

To have her awake was more than worthwhile


Running my fingers through her hair

Holding her gently just didn’t seem fair

That I could be so blessed

There would be time later for rest


She is the best reason I have to live

What a wonderful choice

A soft look and a smile I give

And Father, my baby heard my voice


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