2012…And the Civil Rights Movement still goes on!

U.S. Presidential flag, 1960-present (not usua...
U.S. Presidential flag, 1960-present (not usually called a “standard” in official U.S. government terminology). It is defined in Executive Order 10860. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

To many of the world, Barack Obama is the first AfricanAmerican President of the United States of America; to others, the first Black President…the first Negro President…then, the first Colored Man to ever grace the Oval Office and a podium to address the American public of its social concerns.  He was supposed to be the savior of the minority-class while serving as an example of why White America should take its country back.  After eight years of band-aiding a festering economy, Americans voted into office freshness; a breath of different air to fix what had gone wrong in the White House.  This very well could have been deemed a personal demolition of the government as the epitome of all that should have been right, didn’t sound right.  Had only they rehearsed their lines a little better or kept in-sync with one another, they could have been the ones responsible for allowing America to continue treading downward.  In fact, the four years that Barack has occupied the White House could have been performed as a reality TV show known now as “Political Animals.”  When Dennis Haysbert played the President on the hit show “24,” his show’s ratings were higher than the President’s approval rating (at times) – complimentary of his supporting cast.  Where “24” was about fantasy that could be selected at will, President Obama was severely regulated in his power almost immediately upon taking the presidential platform.  Dennis, or President David Palmer, was able to make decisions, commands, exert his authority-at-will in times of national security breaches and such.  President Obama saw much of his own Democrat-based cabinet either leave politics all together upon his arrival, or jump ship to the Republican on newly instituted Tea Party for spite.  It would be quite difficult for the John F. Kennedy of the 21st Century to help his fellow-man.  But his fellow-man would later become brainwashed into abandoning all that he stood for early on in his campaign solely because their passion had an expiration date.  With unemployment on the rise, and foreclosures mounting, tempers were flaring.  And on November 2, 2010, the American public told the Republic Party, “You Were Right!”  Unlike JFK, President Barack Obama was assassinated by the People.  And the GOP would capitalize on this in every way possible.  Then, in an effort to redeem himself to his remaining followers – and even the ones who had now abandoned him, the President would be told he must “compromise” with the group that wanted him to continue to fail miserably.  Compromise he did.  Unemployment Benefits would be saved, continued for those who had been out of work for the allotted 26 weeks.  But that victory was short-lived as continued defeat was inevitable for the President of the United States…though someone had to foresee the effect it would have on the African-American community.  Or was it that no one cared?


Enter the new Richard Nixon, Mitt Romney.  The Mormon, family man Governor of Massachusetts would use as much rhetoric and material brawn that he could muster to appeal to the American public that he would never fail them.  As many continue to speculate with proof and circumstantial evidence of his dismantling lives along with companies that would catapult him into the land of the uber-rich, the mystery of Mitt’s missing tax returns are likened to Nixon’s Watergate Tapes without the wiretaps.  Eventually, though, they are bound to surface; maybe a secret IRS agent will find a few of them in a Florida dumpster:  unaccounted for.  To worsen matters, a healthcare plan initiated by the Governor was somewhat mirrored by the President of the United States, but was mocked as being unconstitutional.  Basically, virtually…the same plan was now being seen by the Governor of Massachusetts as being one that could further cripple America.  It didn’t help that the President’s plan was upheld in the Supreme Court.  This could be seen as the President’s most major accomplishment.  The NAACP has the tendency of endorsing groups and plans that help their budget.  Not always will the group’s plan signify support for the Democratic Party as a whole – but will help the body that make up the Party.  While Mitt can walk into a conference and insult its members with the harshest of language, there are still many who believe in his proposed policies and procedures.  The NAACP, a group that at the start of its heyday received funding and support from Jewish leaders, would even go against the President of the United States of America and his signing same-sex marriage into law.  Of all subjects, the leaders of Black caucuses refuse to stand together in approval of the President on this one issue, claiming this could decide the election.  Not only are African-Americans being discriminated against for life’s basic necessities, like jobs and sex, Americans are facing discrimination for not being above the middle-class.  Suddenly, Whites are being forced into categories that house Blacks or African-Americans:  jobless, homeless, penniless.  Welcome to the Civil Rights Movement of the 21st Century where there is a battle between the haves and the have-nots. 


Where one group or race of people may take complete ownership of discrimination, this is not a time for anyone to try and be proud.  Discrimination is just a different form of bullying.  And the bullies are the ones who have what the have-nots don’t.  The bigger problem to that is that those bullies constantly brag about their status.  Even when Chick-Fil-A protesters form a “kiss-in,” they don’t actually kiss inside the store.  It’s done on the outside for fear of retaliation – lock up. 


There was mutiny in 2010 for all the wrong reasons.  If only the People of America can remember this, they will not let history repeat itself.  President Obama hasn’t fully failed us, contrary to GOP belief, but he also hasn’t been our knight in shining armor either.  His articulation and mass appeal has, however, made international race relations better.  Gun laws should not be included in race relations when dealing with issues at home.  In the 60s, there was discrimination and segregation due to hatred resulting in violence and death.  Today, a new Civil Rights Movement is necessary to prevent anything other than clothing and fashion-sense being resurrected.  But like in the 60s, the peaceful leaders were taken away forcefully by bullets.  Give Peace a chance.  Bullets and Ballots have the same amount of letters.

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