Overcoming Adversity


Employment Exhibition
Employment Exhibition (Photo credit: Modern_Language_Center)



How proud the person must be who tells another to “Overcome Adversity.”  Are they just talking just to hear themselves speak?


Obviously, the one who offers up this ridiculous statement must be of the non-oppressed and has no future of ever being in the position of having his or her livelihood in jeopardy.  For a person of color to ‘overcome adversity,’ there would first have to be the opportunity to take advantage of an opportunity.  To be able to have an outlet that would allow one to showcase the skills or qualities that were acquired while in a trade or four-year college would be a dream-come-true in this day and age.  The playing field just isn’t that leveled.  Even if that body who is experiencing adversity faces little to no chance of being made permanent on a temp-to-perm position.  Very few chances come that easy.  If they do, a sudden layoff is inevitable.  Then, solely for numbers sake, the hire is fed into the government statistics.  The tax breaks for a company that hires a certain number from a specific race group of people could be quite beneficial.  Employees of all races are being told to go back to school and get more skills for higher paying jobs.  Why couldn’t a company hire from within and train that long-standing employee?  Instead, a company would rather authorize a layoff and advertise higher-tier so-called available positions that really don’t exist.  So how on earth does one overcome this kind of adversity?  And please, let’s not leave anything to faith.


It seems adversity and diversity go hand-in-hand.  They both result in permanency.  While one cannot change the hue of their skin, just as impossible is it to pull oneself out of the mire that unfortunately befell them.  We all have tried to save for a rainy day.  Some of us even thought that we were pretty set when it came to money; our company pension would suffice once we hit that twenty year mark or if we diversified the right way we could live comfortably off of our 401k plans.  Little did we know, adversity loves no one.  It’s easy to say that someone lived above their means after they lost their job, especially if they had to accept a job paying $10 an hour when no one was hiring for the $52,000 per year job they once held.  For those not face with that kind of condition, they believe that getting out among others and networking will improve their mental health.  What they don’t know is the number of people who are trying to manage the perception that all is well and good by smiling and repeating positive affirmations.  People love to offer their opinion thinking that they are helping by making just any suggestion.  Most often, it’s best to just say, “I’ll keep a lookout for you.”  One of the worst things a more prosperous person could say to someone down on their luck is, “If you need anything, let me know.  Okay?”  Most of the time, they don’t mean it and this sends the needy further into a tailspin.  Just be open to listen and try not to make any promises you can’t keep.  Adversity (misfortune), Diversity (difference), Diversify (spread)…spread the difference of your misfortune and overcome it the best way you can.  It’s all easier said than done.  Without support, you must contort.  Talk is cheap, but now it’s not even the difference between life and death.


By just telling someone that they have to overcome adversity does nothing to truly aid their mental health.  If adversity is another word for misfortune, it only seems fair that the stars should realign to change the conditions.  Staying active, becoming fluid are two ways the universe can feel that one has not given up.  Words without actions do nothing.  But sometimes, even staying active doesn’t automatically generate the results we need.  Some people believe that they can actually speak change into being.  For others, the longer the desired results fail to materialize, the deeper they fall into a depressed state.  Then, the chosen are the ones who recognize a lesson, open the door to opportunity, and welcome it in with open arms.  Settling is out of the question.  It’s all about survival – and they don’t become too good for anything.  Meds keep you from knowing the difference.



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