The Brown-Noser with the Sore Behind


He does it all

Just watch him ball

Going in and out there

Without a worry or a care


He knows every secret

But he just won’t keep it

Can’t wait to spread the word

And whatever else he just heard


He is the brown noser

With the sore behind

And a mean ass poser

Who comes across as oh so kind

He is the brown noser

With the sore behind

He gives it up all day and night

He won’t even put up a fight


In an office meeting

Maybe out on the floor

He’s got a kinda strange way of greeting

Everybody calls him a whore


He makes you stand up and take notice

Don’t try to run away

You know where his vote is

without another word just push play


Never puts out more than he can handle

That would be against all the rules

There’s bound to be some kind of a scandal

Every time he plays with the fools


What is a boy to do

When the players don’t have a clue

He makes them think they are the perfect fit

As long as there’s a place to sit


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