What I learned at Bain Capital


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English: Icon for recentism (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


What I learned at Bain Capital


will be made history


Americans need a scalpel


as my wealth becomes blistery




So what they had to die


I had reason to live


It’s not like I told one big lie


I gave them more than I wanted to give




Leave me alone


See me for what I am


I will never ask for a loan


just use your life when in a jam




Give me all of your love


Let me make your mind up for you


Even the great God up above


can’t tell which of my words are true




You need not know who I follow


nor what’s behind my door


My laws you must swallow


Prove you are woman and not whore




Man will be Man


White will never be a doorman


No matter the level of tan


Believe in me, the all faithful Mormon




Whatever problems there are now


I did not create them


Start to finish, I do know how


I will always point the finger at him




Give me all the credit


It will walk with me to the bank


May you always be in-debted


to me and my think tank




Before my Capital


there has always been Bain


To idiots I am mental


but losers can’t see I’m insane








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