Strange Bedfellows

As sure as the wind blows

somebody close knows

why time stands still

Leaves on a tree

fall so gracefully to greet me

and change my mind at will

Never alone

either with digital or drone

I cast my prayer into the sky

With every characteristic

keep it all simplistic

May it be pleasing to the eye

Yet If the mold could then be bold

why not be bought and sold

Let the mind be formed like soft clay

Include scales and detail

that when compared do pale

Heaven and Hell walk and talk the same way

Matches may need patches

Though it does depend what the net catches

The snare does beat one’s ear

Volcanic panic eruption

Dotted line could spell destruction

Think not just the strong run in fear

Whether love came without a glove

Love still meant glove

Joy was shouted above

White shoes

A white suit sings the blues

Top hat and cane presents a dove

Opposites do attract

But let us not forget one fact

There is a slippery slope off the street

Butterflies can learn to despise

when they find honey can tell lies

To passion’s expiration date between the sheets



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