You can turn Anything into Everything




The things you do

Others want to do

But they will never know

The things you’ll never show


How do you hold

God’s treasures and unfold

What He has given You

Even His dreams come true


You can turn anything

Into everything

And make the prettiest birds keep singing

You can take plain old clay

And change the way

People see life from day to day

And when the sun goes down

You can be found

Shedding light on any old thing

God’s knows

You can turn anything that’s anything

 Into everything


Babies may be little people

And to them you are their steeple

So much joy when you are around

See them grow up so fast

As if it wasn’t meant to last

You help them stay on solid ground


People in your life come and go

You think that they don’t know

Your love for them is like a diamond ring

It shines so bright

Taking wrongs and making them right

Like turning anything

 Into everything


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