My Bedtime Story


Before I lay me down to sleep


Give me a chance to not just weep


For my head may not ache


Whereas when I kneel I do shake


Should I still be able to cross my heart


I hope the way it beats sets me apart


And though I may be ever so tired


Just know who is most admired


Let me call His name and all his glory


May my Heavenly Father tell me a Bedtime Story




Even if it’s one I’ve already heard


I promise to remember every word


For when His voice makes me drift


I pray the Lord that it is swift


And his voice takes me to the skies


While the sun beams on my closed eyes


The smell of daffodils ever so sweet


A flock of doves form at my feet


What a nice Tuesday I’ll have with Maury


Because my Father told me a Bedtime Story




Should I happen to fantastically dance


Dare I begin in a champion stance


And grass is covered by long, white roses


Before open doors and not one closes


The purest of sounds they do engulf me


Allowing me to be everything I want to be


I feel super not just a man


Who has no fear Who has no plan


In that field begins the glory


Because my God was my Bedtime Story







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