Everyone wants to be TTBoy


Everyone wants to be

TTBoy, can’t you see?

No matter if they’re queer

Or just a steer

It just makes them so glad

to feel that they’ve been had


To see one in the buff

they pray they can get rough

The smart can read some prose

before they put him up their nose

No matter how it fits

they come back for more hits


It’s not just the shady lady

or the man named Grady

who wants to spread their legs

to give screams and more loud begs

However proudly it gets shoved

justly before something gets rubbed


One might be long

and provokes a different song

The other might be wide

with so much more to hide

All in all there will be a ball

Attempt to rise and you might fall


TTBoy is a Toy

Filled with love always spreading joy

Whatever your true desire

Can you control an epic empire?

Try not to go too slow or move too fast

Because what good is pleasure with just a wet ass?


The real TTBoy is all class

At times walks on water, not broken glass

Try standing firm – judge for yourself

Grab your brains down below or off the shelf

Makes no difference who you are

Or the time of day when you see, read, or swallow a star


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