Baby Prince of Brunei


Should the Prince of Brunei

ever wish to look to the sky

may hummingbirds cover his eyes

while doves float his body to the river

If there be coy

then shall there be joy

No doubt a sprout sprinkle of gold

No faebles do be told

Let a frown be a smile

in at least one shoe a man walks a mile

Of lace

And grace

a crown shows not of taste

But still

Is he not worthy to bow his own head

Many of ill

Who wish they were of dead

Would give all they do own

To be just part of his lone clone

Oh Mighty Prince of Brunei

Do take time and look to the sky

The royal magic carpet ride

Is softer than the air’s own invisible hide

Is not life’s throne worth more than life itself

Undoubtedly so when the king sits on the shelf


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