Fool, Stupid Fool

Fool, Stupid Fool

Where did you go?

Did your mama tell you

Which way to go?


Why didn’t you just do

It all without a clue

They didn’t want

 a smarty pants

or somebody

 to put them

in a trance


Fool, Stupid Fool

Foo Foo, Stupid

Fool, Fool


Why can’t you bite your tongue

before the fat lady has sung

Must you be right

Right before a big fight


Give in sometime

Let the blind lead the blind

Fool, Stupid Fool

Play by the rule

Take them to school


Take a moment

Play with your hair

Fine time for atonement

Give a blank stare


Get what you need

Hold the ace card

New way for greed

Leave ‘em nice Leave ‘em hard


Don’t let ‘em call you a

Fool, Stupid Fool

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