Hallelujah never just passes by

I used to think

that you were too easy

to love someone like me

I know why I thought that

It’s in the blood

Runs through me like a flood

Preyed that the day would come

And that no one

Or some

Would find out why

And have the strength

to look me in the eye

Why oh why did I not

look to the sky

before the speck

fell in my eye?

That’s what I used to think

before I fell in love

And when I spilled my flow

I thought Heaven would know

Instead it opened up

Just for little old me and cup

And they took my redemption coins

that I ripped from my loins

Had I knew then

I’d do it all over again

And in the end

I would seek out a real friend

Not someone for my beck and call

That just ruined it all

Long live Spring before Fall

And the mystery of a golden wall

Long Live Live Long

Tell a tale sing a song

But remember what’s true

Tell Lies to stay away from you

The manuscript for Life

depends not only staying positive

 through strife

What is written is so

And will be so down below

Whether the line you walk is fine

For there before grace is your shrine

Always on is the power light

to assist you through fight or flight

Energy leaves a low angelic smell

Though sight is easier to tell

While gone you still exist

Into the Golden Twilight with a twist

Say, “Hello,” instead of goodbye

Parting and lasting words

should always greet the sky


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