10th and Piedmont

So much color

Like the streets of San Francisco

Parties can only be duller

If they sprayed on Crisco


Jakes play at Blakes

And drags break hearts

Pretty boys up their stakes

Inside they park their shopping carts


Photo shop and a good dish

Each one on a corner

Head down and make a wish

Either way become a mourner


Tongues like other brushes

They do make a fine font

Helping the alkies and lushes

Stay in love with 10th and Piedmont


Ansley Square always has a fair

Sometimes even at night

Boys can’t help the big package stare

It’s never a gun but sword fight


Little girls have their room

They don’t ride but float on a broom

Red is more than color of pain

What does it take to change a lane?


A part of the world makes them numb

But no one would try and argue with that

With a flick of their fingers and their thumb

You couldn’t end a good time with a baseball bat


Tongues like other brushes

Don’t always stay within the lines

Even the boys imitate the lushes

After the powder and the vines



 on the morning after

the only place to be

that welcomes most laughter


Mental jack to a book

One look mostly is all it took

Saving grace while giving some face

Only posers avoid this place


See the parade go by

What goes up will go down

Pearlie white lids reach for the sky

Every day is a parade in this town


Tongues become good brushes

Though it depends what you might want

Tapping not just alkies and lushes

All on 10th and Piedmont


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