The Bus

Can’t tell you how I feel

Showing is just too damn cold

Never wanted this to be real

I guess this story is getting old


There is something I want to hide

And it’s taking its toll on us

I thought you were just in it for the ride

‘Til I saw you get off the bus


How could I not trust you

To make sense of all this

Should I all but fault you

For all this scary bliss


What on earth made you want to stay

Thought it would make you cuss and scream

Some folks can deal in their own way

They even turn a chance into a dream


Although I can’t forever feel like this

I don’t want to give up on us

Can we seal it with a long kiss

So you won’t get back on that bus?


Promise to do my best by you

Doing what I can, whatever it takes

Will a simple “I Love You” do?

Every day a love story makes


You went through so much to reach me

Truly a fool I must have been

My own excuse is I just couldn’t see

I never want to be that way again


Let’s go away by train or plane

However it is, let’s not make a fuss

 Promise, I won’t drive you insane

Just please don’t put my love back on that bus

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