All I Ever Wanted

I never meant

To let the sun catch me

Before the moon

Showed me the stars

Nor did I mean

To not hear the birds sing

Or feel the rooster crow

Before I somehow know

Whether my eyes would glow

The way yours did

When I saw your beautiful face

I meant

To tell a friend

To use their library voice

Inside the house

Out of respect for you

I forgot about me

I never meant

For you to walk all over me

After I gave my all

But then, all I ever wanted

Was to know who you were


Only suit those

Who hold the keys

To hear Thank You and Please

I am sorry

You brought shame to its knees

Because all I ever wanted

was to get down on one

 see us through the long run

and to know you

One thought on “All I Ever Wanted

  1. Like Kandle reads as another lol sillyness locks me out of my fb entirely sometimes often Im doing other things. Love this and your work in general.

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