Dance for the Rich White Men

A friend of your parents

helps your career takeoff

The price you have to pay

Unknown to them

They think prayer is getting you through

They think what they believe

But you deceive

Not just a pole but a cute mole

separates you from them

What do you know

that keeps the flow

is what they need to feel

so real

If you make the right deal

you can make the pig squeal

and never long for a sweet meal

What has no taste

Is hunger on your face

Yet who would not trade place

for their share of the human race

Aside from all the name callin’

Is free-ballin’

A raw rag doll

and alcohol

makes it harder for them to crawl

But now a smart Barbie

Is good Barbie

Whose assets will never be a darby

A boy or a girl can make their heads twirl

Give them joy in this mixed up world

 In memorance of your parents friend

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