Some Black Lividity

Pummeled, bruised, again and again

All in the name of love

Heavenly screams out of torture

The eyes have it

What hue so blue

has you?

Your offspring hear you sing

What’s in your eye that makes you cry

You can’t deny how fallen is the sky

Still, yet you try

All in the name of love

It’s all you know

And you return to what you know

Always for a new show

Sunglasses for the star

But the stars do not hide the sunglasses

So used to the freight train

Sucker punched for the pain

More pain for the sucker

Black girl’s lividity

Fails to honor pity

All those who sit above

Pull the strings of the lonesome dove

Stupid and dumb

Minus a thumb

Without a pulse King Kong revives

Failure and pointless strives

The price you pay for stirring lives

What attention

Did you fail to mention?

They see you as oblivious

Bordering on delirious

Green-eyed girl in a white girl’s world

Once made the boy’s toes curl

Now you’ve made them all so livid

Too bad only models pivot

Not knowing history

Makes for facial space blistery

Can you keep a secret?


Keep it

Without getting

Pummeled, bruised again and again

Without committing a new sin

You’ll never win

Black Girl, Black girl

Just hanging in the White man’s world

Pummeled, bruised again and again

After the sinful sin

But the cat’s eyes

may guide you in the dark

and protect you from the dog’s bark

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