Call me Lezzy

Call me a Lez

Just like a lezzy does

Call me a Lez

And stand back just because


Call me a Lez

And take another dose

Call me a Lez

Treat me like toast


Smear me

Fear me

You better not

Steer me


My song

Rocks like a guitar


I sing

Listen to me purr like a cat

My tat is fat

Looks like a baseball bat

In fact

It’s whack

That’s whack

Just call me Bell

Ah Hell


Jessie Bell


Call me a Lez

Then take a pill

Call me a Lez

Don’t miss aim to kill

Call me a Lez

I’m still little mama’s daughter

Call me a Lez

I’ll take you down under water


Call me a Lez

Call me Lezzy

Call Me Lezzy B. Ahn


I wear dope duds

And smell like soapy suds

I know you want a sniff

Inhale me like a spliff

Take a long whiff

I’ll make you stiff

And make you shift

Your gift

And lift

Your gift

And make you shift

And shift

And shift


Just call me Lez

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