Say it like you mean it

Call me a lezzy

Just like a lesbian calls me

And dust me off

Inhale and cough

like the dust Doritos leave on

the tips of your fingers

by licking them

 and savoring the taste

Man, it lingers

I love the way

you leave me on your sheets

for the next one to see

Let them see the beets

So they think of me

And then, I love the way

I make you say

you see superstar in my eyes

after the marathon

The Champion

The Don

 of defiling box springs

And those oh silly little things

that make hearts sing

by flowing down below

North by South

 by way of the mouth

It’s always warmer South

after you tell me how to

milk the cow

When a tree cries

It is so sweet

Damn good enough to eat

 then after a retreat

Deplete me

never mistreat me

Please make me cry

Reach above me

As high as the sky

And this festival of nations

The best of creations

will make us both

 spend our last dime

on a sticky, drippy

 sweaty good time

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