Master Sex Like A CD


English: Image of a Blank CD Source: Owner

Imaginary blank CD

Like what you see in me

How much longer

would you take this

Fake this

And blame someone else

for not filling you up

Can you breathe me

Inhale just me this time

so I can tell you everything

will be just fine

Will be just fine

And scratch my back

like you scratch a CD

And make me jump

and skip

when you put it inside

Even though it is blank

Imagine it

Imaginary blank CD

The one you forgot to record

Still did

You should have turned

up the volume

to remind everyone

that you are a master



taking everyone on a trip

while shooting blanks

in the dark place

Faster the spin

Waterfalls again and again

And you’d take their last dime

for one of your CDs

That’s what a master does

Blood red and white

A pretty site

No room for feeling blue

The right song is always in cue

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