I Don’t Regret Having Regrets

I could just imagine

how life-full I’d be

If I had joined in the fashion

and taken LSD


Or joined the Breakfast Club

Just to get an A-plus

I could have given that back rub

and not created so much fuss


Naked locker room boy

I could have had my fun

Never trouble with getting joy

Although I made the tall ones run


It must have made them truly mad

to know my parents had no jobs

Thankful anyway for the life I had

while standing next to Billy Joes

 and crazy Bobs


If I had played hookie

I could have kissed some ass

Always the number one rookie

with a daily Hall Pass


Accepting a proposition

Like taking a deposition

I did not want to lie

just to have a piece of the pie


Faking like I had emotion

A sheer sign of true devotion

Had to be a part of the crowd

even when the losers were loud


Could have said,” I love you”

Especially when I felt it

a youngster still knew what to do

without any coercing

 – not one bit

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