When You Play With Fire

Mama’s told me

So many times

To look people

In the eye when talk to them


If you keep your head down

It puts you closer to the ground

The fire in your heart

 goes dim


Mama also did say

If it ain’t nice

Take her advice

Say what you mean

another way


It’s like she sat

On an empire

And you’ll remember that

When you play with fire


Oh, Mama said some things

I just couldn’t concede

Now it’s like Mama sings

Every time I don’t take heed


Mama said

Be careful with all that bliss

Make sure your bed is made

before planting a kiss


Too much of a good thing

 is like a sin

That’s one thing I do admire

Went out and bought a ring

I just didn’t want to listen

That’s what I get for playing with fire


Now that anytime I get butterflies

because something doesn’t seem right

I think of Mama’s cries

So I can see the light


I may not have been a good child

I may have run so wild

Trouble made me retire

I’m so tired of playing with fire



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