The Billionaire’s Boys Club

On every night

Sure out of sight

Don’t have to take

They are the real milkshake


They got

what most don’t have

just too damn hot

(Must be) created in a lab


No shame

in their game

green surrounds their fame

in the Billionaire’s Boys Club

 you’ll find their name


What can’t be bought

they don’t need it

If you get caught

You will feed it


They could play for keeps

but why should they

Masters of bounds and leaps

On any given day


No shame

In their game

Green surrounds their fame

In the Billionaire’s Boys Club

You’ll find their name


Champagne and caviar

Ain’t their kinda party

Not even a real star

Would risk being tardy


Give ‘em a hand

Only if they ask for it

Try and understand

They don’t just want a little bit


If you ain’t got the time

Don’t do the crime

A scream you can’t dub

Inside the Billionaire’s Boys Club


When they party’s over

They will assess

You might be a four-leaf clover

A cut above the rest


Who wouldn’t get in line

for a chance to live so fine

Or just find a Genie, take a rub

For a wish to get into

   the Billionaire’s Boys Club


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