The Days of Monterrey Park

Smoke a doobie

Played like Scooby

Guitar Jammin’

Dashiki a slammin’


Waves a wavin’

South’s a slavin’

Life is carefree

As far as I can see


Voice rockin’ out

Watch the lips pout

Painted on jeans

Sell-out for greens


All posin’ ‘til closin’

No dozin’ while hosin’

Get the Clap without hands

On stage make fans


Powder was great

In the Valley was hate

Powder made them all skate

Cocaine made them feel great


Elton and Dobie gave ‘em the beat

Rock On fed the heat

Soul tickled the pole

Sucked many through the hole


Happiness, Peace, and Love

All fell from up above

Lights out, it all went dark

In the days of Monterrey Park

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