Love In A Letter

I must have done you wrong

But what took you so long

To make me realize

that I made you cry


Was it just one call

Is that the reason for my fall

Tell me the truth

What can I do to make it up to you


The joy you bring

Makes me wanna sing

But how could I

When I was never there


The smell of your perfume

the way it stayed in the room

You could brighten the sky

no need to ask me why


I didn’t know

Just how to let my feelings show

I couldn’t put my love in a letter

Maybe I could work a little better

If I can’t have your heart

It would tear my world apart


You are my sweet sixteen

Aw, you know what I mean

Always my love supreme

Only other one in my dream


Let me have one more chance

And I’ll prove true romance

Promise I’ll do a lot better

Instead of putting my love in a letter




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