Dear Petcentric by Purina: Who Owns This Picture?

Dear Petcentric by Purina:

         Just imagine logging into Facebook only to find a perfectly positioned photo of your pet, an apricot and white Peek-A-Poo, that died in the latter part of 2011 nestled underneath someone else’s pet, a very well-groomed Golden Retriever…in a photo that you had entirely no idea how or who took the photo.  Why post it today?  What is  going on in the universe that would possess someone to post this photo on or near the anniversary date of her death?

     All I asked, if you couldn’t take the photo down (mainly because the other pet in the photo belongs to someone else), is that you would connect me somehow to the owner of the photo.  This was and will continue to be quite agonizing to know that whoever took the photo violated me.  Had I been told by whoever took the photo that my little girl’s photo may be posted online, somewhere, somehow…I probably would have given my approval.  Probably.  The photo appears to be taken in a very cold environment that may well house many pets at one time.  I cannot prove this, but I have never subjected my little girl to such an ordeal.

     I received a Twitter response from Petcentric by Purina to call them at an 800 number to discuss my issue.  The young representative named Courtney told me that she would pass on my situation to the necessary department and the usual response would be in about “10 to 14 business days.”  Seriously?  It was probably an automated electronic reply provided to Twitter from Purina.  I even attached a picture of my little girl along with the email I sent to them.  I guess there is no live human being with compassion that operates their “copyright and infringement department.”

     Maybe Purina will effectively handle this situation better in the future.  Even when I advised representative Courtney that I did expect a call from Purina in a more timely manner, I could swear I heard her scoff at me.  How sad it must be to be an employee of Purina.


So Sad,
 Pet Owner          

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