My polling place
My polling place (Photo credit: tychay)

When I entered my very friendly polling station, I was greeted with a, “Just ask yourself one question, are you better off now than you were four years ago?”  Then, a male voice hammered, “…But would you want it to be worse?”  Wow!  I felt like i was raped…and I never want that to happen to me.
So, as I made my selections, I knew in my heart:  “I VOTED FOR THE RIGHT PERSON!”  I even told myself, “Self.  What a wonderfully outstanding money-maker “I VOTED FOR THE RIGHT PERSON!” would be for every election!”  It has so much to do with every election and not just the Presidential Election.  Sure, I would be a fantastic liar if I said that a candidate’s culture had nothing to do with my decision.  One’s culture is just as relevant as the color of one’s skin when they start talking about things I don’t believe in.  Although it perplexes me as to how any decent, loving, and self-confident female could vote for someone who tells her on a daily basis that what she believes do not matter – and that what she does with her body will be decided for her.  Yet, that same woman will make a decision that will ultimately cause her to endure ever more domestic abuse.  Her vote will be her vow, just like his vote will be his vow.

Like many turn and run at the altar, consider your decision each and every election day.  Does it feel right or are you voting as a matter of convenience?  For some, for many, the way they vote has already been decided for them:  family heritage, peer pressure.  Then, how can we justify our feelings that don’t quite mesh with our own friends and family?  Do we tell the truth or do we smile, pound our chest, and pray that we will not be thrown into the lake of fire?  But how many people will actually admit to and state why they voted for a candidate whose views and opinions and beliefs went against every thing they stood for?

What a wonderful slogan to be worn each and every election day to boldly state that they knew they made the right decision.  I plan to make hats and T-Shirts and buttons to be worn proudly.  “I VOTED FOR THE RIGHT PERSON!” doesn’t overtly say who you voted for.  It just says that after fully weighing the pros and the cons, along with the candidate’s history or track record, you stand with conviction and you matter.

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