You Wanted To Meat Me


If I gave my sweet self away

What did I hear you say

In an odd nasty kind of sway


Did I hold something in my hand

Was it coffee or tea

I just don’t understand

Why you wanted to meat me


Did you see me undressed

Maybe I could be so forward

I guess you were impressed

With just what the doctor ordered


After You shook my hand

The whites of your eyes I could see

As it fell toward your sinful land

I could see why you wanted to meat me


All the noise in the place

I could only hear you

It wasn’t just your face

That I wanted to do

After You made a move

I just couldn’t believe

Feeling the groove

How dare I deceive


Was it my smile

Before I turned around

Or did you see me wild

With you lost but now found


Past the introduction

We both know where you want to be

Maybe I’ll make the induction

So you can finally meat me


And really meet me

When you meat me

After you wanted to meat me





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