Liars and Thieves

Liars and Thieves

Are better off dead

One dreams and believes

Of another life inside their head


Greece and then Italy

Places they want to go

Signs of senility

Plagiaristic grammar does show


Never credit given

For other perfect work

What spirit or demon can live in

A body not only fit for a time clerk


Brainwashed poor fans

Seeking to find the light

Cheering and roaring in the stands

Blinded by what’s wrong and what’s right


Boys become girls

 Each then try to choose sides

Claiming to wear diamonds and pearls

Take each other on childish rides


Pity holds a party

And everybody comes

Who can tell who’s tardy

When buddies become chums?


Lovers of Life

Robs, cheats, and steals

How can the rich claim strife

When they don’t know the wheels and deals?


Gypsies, liars and thieves

Run from one corner to the next

Is one what one believes

When the Authenticity box is checked

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