The Upside of Anger

How can I eat

Hearing your belly roar with fear

Watching you wince and grimace

holding back the shame and tear

The etiquette I have

for holding a fork and a knife

cast doubt over your pallor and pitless strife

When my tongue utters common praise

careful words do form every phrase

What is it that’s inside your head

that makes you dream visions of unspeakable dread

Every day Santa comes

to grasp your face with his fingers and his two thumbs

How I wish for my own abyss

before the cardinal plants his lonely sweet kiss

Mirrored images shadows speak

abandon the living but take the weak

Cheeky faces they all do lie

Seeking refuge up in the sky

Tumors they do grow all around

But X-rays are then tossed in Lost and Found

Who says Who, Who says When

And determines life from a mortal sin

Try to manage and stay abreast

Then in time you have peace and rest

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