The Ferryman and the Eagle

What paleness precedes

The Ferryman and the Eagle

Arriving with legal tender’s watchful eye

Even crumbled

it watches and often burns like it yearns

As if cultivating a harvest

it stretches beyond boundaries

Where tablecloths once flourished

picnics are back in session at home

Gone are the tele-commuted conference calls

Say welcome to the bedroom attire that

accompanies you to the local grocer

Every pence spent

reaches with anticipation of the next deposit

Maybe the stomach can be fooled

Maybe the mind will give the Ferryman a gift

this Christmas

A time for giving

But Ferryman takes something away

after every delivery

Confidence dwindles when asked who your provider is

No matter how you answer

the Ferryman giggles a bit heartier

Soon, the Eagle will feel the need to stop by


chirping every day, every minute, every hour

placing demands, making demands

expecting interest

as like peer pressure

The rut of unscheduled visits

Confusion becomes delusion

Until the Ferryman

lets you invite him in

 makes himself at home

Uncloaks himself

and settles in and watches with you

a reality TV show


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