Hyde Park on Hudson

So many ways to inhale the

nostalgic breath of a time when

allergies did not excuse reason for

titling the nose higher than one’s face

Alas, do remember when just F.D.R. stood

for something other than a mistake uttered


Crisp, linens so elegantly laid

protecting the blue blood from

trying to show

Care do I not that you fail to comprehend

my dialect save speech pattern

dependent on the part of town you derive

Yet, the hermit finds solace in the

breath of the air he commands

Necessary is the raincoat that meets

the suncoat that keeps bland the royal skin

And that head pointed towards greatness

is undeniably seen and felt immediately

So many ways to inhale

As if to say to exhale

Frees life

Present but vacant are the emotions

of giving as if you need an excuse

Blissful acts of boasting overcomes all

And the epitome of everything subservient



Around and around you go

And where you stop is excusable to show

Will the ocean make it known

when it will spill over and linger

forcing higher refuge into the sky

Denying what lies on the lower end

to touch your angelic garment

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