Boys And Their Diamonds

Diamonds (Photo credit: Kim-bodia)

At one glance

He’ll take a chance

At being larger than life

What circumstance

It’s still romance

When he buys one for himself instead of a wife



He likes the shine and the glare

That make people stare

He’s so rich having so much fun

Why take them off

Let ‘em gawk and scoff

Boys can wear diamonds


Maybe he’ll compensate

With a package

 that never comes too late

It’s easier to take anyway

Underneath it all

Who cares about a ball

When it’s the nut that makes her late


What they won’t do

To get close to you

If only they had the funds

it’s not just the brother

who forgets his lover, or mother

 who would try and smother

a boy who wear diamonds


At one glance

He’ll take a chance

And dream of visions of sugarplums

Not just for the girls

Grown ones in pigtails and curls

Make room for the boys who wear diamonds

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