When The Water’s Gone

That thirst you want to quench

wants to be quenched

by somebody else

As if a rainy day inside

decided to drench

Sunday’s best placed high upon the shelf


When the water’s gone

Will you kiss me?


The sky outside

shows no sign

of letting lose a downpour

I can put away my pride

and walk a fine line

to find what I’m in this town for


When the water’s gone

will you catch my tears?


There’s still a little time

before real we both hurt feel real thirst

It’s all in how we believe

But why should you wither away

when on any other day

you’d take care to deceive


When the water’s gone

Will you hold me as I melt with you?


Do you ever allow

Anybody to catch or hold

your fears

If they have to ask how

It may get old

Because I’ve been loving you for years


When the water’s gone

We’ll be each other’s ocean and pond

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